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TT-8509 3D Virtual Reality Headset

TT-8509 3D Virtual Reality Headset

“The 3D virtual reality (VR) glasses are a great product to be able to watch 3D VR movies, play 3D VR games and view 3D VR scenes with 360 degree panoramic view from smartphones. It is compatible with any smartphone from 4 to 6inches size.”

- Turn your Smartphone into a “VIRTUAL REALITY” Viewer! 
- Compatible with Android and iPhones with 4” to 6” inch screen. 
- VR Apps are readily available on the Google Play* Store and App Store* to download 
- Play your VR 3D Games, Movies and view 360degree panoramic view of virtual scenes. 
- Comes with Adjustable Straps and Foam padding for comfort and ease 
- Smart Phone compartment to place your phone inside and play your 3D games, etc
- Focal length is adjustable to protect your eyes and avoid dizziness 
- Enjoy the 3D Virtual Reality effect!

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