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TT-8506 Smart Trendy Fitness Watch

TT-8506 Smart Trendy Fitness Watch

- The Ultimate Smart Fitness Watch
- Watch with Time, Hour, Minute, Sec, Day, Display
- 12/24hr Time display format and Dual Alarm function (AL1&AL2)
- Pedometer mode with Total Steps, Distance and Calories display
- Advanced motion sensing Pedometer tracks your steps, Speed and distance
- Smart Step to 7 seconds - Pedometer detects movement after 7 seconds of non-stop movement
- G-Sensor sensitivity
- Chronograph Stopwatch Mode - Stopwatch from 0 to 59hr.50min:99secs with Split time function
- Timer Countdown Mode up to 23hr.59mins and Countdown Alarm
- Lap and Reset buttons
- Light button to illuminate the Backlight for 3 seconds
- Keep track on your healthy lifestyle!

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